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Coconut Dream Yogurt

Coconut Dream and Almond Dream

Where do you find yogurt at the grocery store? In the dairy section, right? That doesn’t mean it has to be made with dairy. Coconut Dream and Almond Dream are non-dairy yogurt and they are delicious! They have the live…

Coconut Dream Dairy-free Yogurt

Coconut Dream

Did you know that yogurt doesn’t have to be made with dairy? Coconut Dream is a brand new vegan, non-dairy yogurt made from delicious coconuts. You may already be familiar with their milk alternatives and the Almond Dream line of similar…

YumEarth for Back to School


Have your kids gone back to school, yet? Kids are always looking for treats in their lunch box and for snacks after school. We parents also appreciate a satisfying treat to help get us through a busy day. Fortunately, treats don’t…