Giveaways – Canada

The Lineup Edited by Otto Penzler


The Lineup The World’s Greatest Crime Writers Tell The Inside Story of Their Greatest Detectives Edited by Otto Penzler Pub. Date 11/10/09 isbn 9780316031936 Publisher’s Description: A great recurring character in a series you love becomes an old friend. You…

7th Heaven by James Patterson


7th Heaven A Women’s Murder Club Novel by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro Pub. Date 12/1/09 isbn 9780446536240 Publisher’s description: The Women’s Murder Club faces not one-but two-terrifying cases that may tear it apart. The teenage son of California’s ex-governor…

Seven by Jacqueline Leo


Seven – The Number for Happiness, Love, and Success by Jacqueline Leo Pub. Date 12/7/09  isbn 9780446542692 Publisher’s description: What is it about the number seven that has such a hold on us? Why are there seven deadly sins? Seven…