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Written by Emily

The Villa Premiere has Yoga Class!

The yoga class was held at the partner Hotel, Hotel Buenaventura Grand. The Buenaventura is a larger Hotel than Villa Premiere and is located next door, about 500 steps.

To get there it is possible to walk on the beach or the street, door to door. I was led by a guide and we walked across from the beach. The walk was short and pleasant, I took my shoes off in the sand as it was lovely and cool. The beach was nearly vacant at that time of morning, 9 am, as were the pools once we entered the Buenaventura Courtyard.

Puerto Vallarta

My guide, led me up some stairs to a private area above the pool. Here there were the hot tub and hotel spa, it was very quiet and beautifully tiled, white walls painted with colors and some appealing Aztec wall decorations. From this higher level, we could see even further down the beach both ways.

The hotel/spa provided a clean yoga mat for each participant and we began with some breathing and light meditation. We did a form of Hatha Yoga, greeting the morning with salutations then progressed into Kundalini intermixed with more Hatha and Yoga with a lot of good stretching, perfect for a weary traveler. The instructor, Michelle Hernandez, spoke in both English and Spanish, using vividly creative yoga descriptions for each move, in both languages, for a relaxing feel-good hour. She was very easy to understand in both languages speaking clearly with a smooth delivery. At the end of class, our instructor also treated us to a peace inducing chant and the hotel/spa staff brought us each a drink of refreshing chlorophyll water. All and all, the class was great and had I had more time I would have taking many more but it seems our host had other, exciting, early morning plans for us!

Puerto Vallarta

On my way back to Villa Premiere, I exited Buenaventura past the pools, which were now beginning to fill with young guests and through the lobby toward the street.

The Buena Ventura Hotel is a large Hotel that accommodates many people and seemed to be popular, accommodating many families. The lobby is clean and well laid out, the employees eager to help in any fashion.

The restaurant, which over looks the pools and has an ocean view was busy and reservations are required for most meals. We did not eat at the hotel but the food looks great and they stated that they could specialize meals as needed and according to allergies or just personal taste and the food is said to be excellent.

Puerto Vallarta

Stepping out the front door into the still quiet morning onto the street, I noticed we were right on the main strip and the white alabaster walls shone in the sunlight. Here vendors had begun to present brightly colored souvenirs and other items for sale There was also a small market not far as well as a department store and pharmacy directly across the street. The Villa Premiere was just to the left and I turned toward it, sensing an invitation to a delightful day of exploration.

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Puerto Vallarta

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