Villa Premiere Spa in Puerto Vallarta

Villa Premiere Spa in Puerto Vallarta

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Written by Emily

Mind and Soul Spa by Villa Premiere

We had procrastinated on the spa experience and the joy of sinking deep into the hammocks for a few days because of time constraints in our busy schedule of touring and appreciating… but on the last day, we finished up necessary tasks and packed early, allowing for enough time leftover to experience these two items that we would have otherwise foregone. I chose the spa and how ready I was to receive this treat!!

Upon entering the spa I was greeted by a woman, kindly offering me their services menu, giving a basic description of each technique. She was able to answer questions I had about particular details. I asked her if she could recommend something special, as I would be leaving within a few hours and wanted to relax on the plane and arrive home feeling energized. She recommended the Tropical Scrub, which I had to agree was a good choice as it works on the lymphatic system and is also invigorating. She led me into the women’s locker room, a few steps from the entry, where there were showers, sauna and a large changing area, as well as a restroom with supplied personal items.

I placed my clothing into a locker and put on a clean white robe and slippers, provided by the spa.

I then walked into a lounge area, again just steps away, with a few comfortable sling-back leather chairs, tea, water and light snacks. The room was decorated in soothing earth tones and music lulled me into a more relaxed state as peace flooded into my being. Basking there, in natural lighting, coming in subdued and calming through the mediterranean style windows high on a wall above, candlelight flickering in the corner, a focal point in the stairwell, I fell into a meditative state.

Villa Premiere Spa in Puerto Vallarta

After a short while, the massage therapist came to get me and led me to a private room, up a short flight of stairs, designed for table shower and scrub. There was a jacuzzi tub in the room and a shower near to the table. It was requested I undress, place my robe and slippers on the nearby chair and lay down flat on the table.

The treatment began with a light massage and then scrub was applied in the form of tropical fruit scented ingredients along with warmed coconut oil. When she had completed both sides, I was asked to shower. The scrub rinsed from my body with perfectly warm water, leaving my skin silky-soft and as I was told later, glowing. I then came back to the table where the massage was continued gently with coconut oil, before completion. After re-robing, I was led downstairs and offered more water, tea and light snacks, with an invitation to stay as long as I liked.

The results of the scrub seemed to do wonders for lymph flow and I felt more alive, more flexible and flowing.

The therapist with whom I had worked, Mina, was gracious and kind in demeanor and as a trained professional myself, I would say she seemed to know what she was doing both with technique and the energetics required. I’d rate her as experienced with a good touch and would request to work with her again, if the opportunity were to arise, in a future visit.

The spa was super clean and inviting and providing that decadent and comforting, “I would like to stay here forever” kind of feeling that I have experienced in other high end spa’s around the world.

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Villa Premiere in Puerto Vallarta

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