Modern Movie Night on Mars – Outdoor Family Movie Night

Milky Way Ice Cream Treats


Happy National Ice Cream Month!

If your family is like mine, you don’t really need a special occasion for ice cream but it’s always nice to have an extra reason for celebration.

Mars is having a special promotion this Summer that you may have already noticed on specially marked packages of┬áSnickers, Twix, M&M’s and Milky Way frozen treats. After you purchase your dessert, you can get a free movie night when you use the Redbox promo code that’s inside the box. Full details are included and it was super easy to redeem my codes.

Twix and M&M's Ice Cream Treats

The first time I saw my house, it was the view and outdoor living space that sold me. After 20+ years, it’s still magical to me whether I’m alone or with a crowd. I’ve got lots of great memories of time spent with family and friends outside for meals, fun and relaxation.

When I planned my Summer movie night, I decided to try something different. Instead of coming inside the house after eating dinner on the deck, we set up our movie night outside. We don’t have a projector or special screen, but it was easy to just move a flat screen outside for the show. The breezy Summer weather was perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Home Sweet Home

Ice cream is wonderful, but of course we also needed popcorn. To make it special, I added M&M’s to the popcorn for a tasty sweet and salty snack. A checkout-stand sized package of M&M’s is the right size to combine with one batch of microwave popcorn. I knew I was supposed to let the popcorn cool first, but didn’t wait long enough. My M&M’s ended up melty. It was messy, but we really liked it this way. My family and friends have let me know that it’s fine to add the chocolate ‘too soon’ again next time.

Sweet and Salty  M&M's Popcorn

I like planning activities ahead of time, but also like to remain flexible and go with the flow. I’m sure the movie related trivia games I planned would have been great, but we were having so much fun on our own that we didn’t need any extra entertainment this time. The games have been saved, so we can play them later.

We’ve always enjoyed Mars frozen treats. These RedBox promo codes make this a deal that gives me a good reason to to buy extra ice cream. I would be spending money on them and movies anyways, so it’s nice to save money and get the movie for free.

M&M's Ice Cream Cookies and RedBox Movie Rental

My favorites are the M&M’s Ice Cream Cookies. It feels like two desserts in one, since I get cookies and ice cream at the same time!┬áMy movie night guests each had their own preference based on their favorite candies. It’s a good thing I had a variety on hand. Now I’ve got extra RedBox codes for the next movie night.

Our outdoor Modern Movie Night on Mars was fabulous fun! I plan to do this again and again!

Mars Frozen Treats RedBox Movie Night Promotional Packaging

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    great giveaway

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    awesome giveaway…treats for my kids and a date night for me and my hubby!

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    I love M&M’s in my popcorn!!

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    Love this giveaway food is so expensive at our theatre.

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    I LOVE snickers ice cream bars!!! YUMM!

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    Awesome prize pack, thanks for the chance!

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    What a great prize!

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    I just bought the Twix ice cream bars today and Oh My Gawd, they are amazing!!!

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    I love my movie nights!!!

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    This would be great for movie night

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    This looks live a perfect date night at home prize.

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    Movie nights are our date night because we don’t have the money to go out. I love our movie nights and this prize pack would make date night even better!

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    What a great movie night idea

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    I am a chocoholic so this is perfect!

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    would be a good movie night with the boyfriend

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    Our family of 6 would really enjoy a movie night.

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    I love everything about this prize. I could really get out to a restaurant and have some me time!

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    We’ve had such a bad week, and we could really use a family movie night. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    What a fun prize – love movie night at home!

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